RAS Technology Consulting is a Baltimore, MD-based technology solution provider focusing on helping companies who rely on mission-critical, business software applications to make their company run. The company was started three (3) years ago by Mike Chasman. Mike’s background has taken him across the spectrum of corporate America while working with companies such as the University of Maryland Medical System, Black & Decker, IBM and Lockheed Martin. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer as well as having a variety of other networking and security certifications.
Mike Chasman created RAS Technology Consulting due to his natural inclination to disassemble and fix all things mechanical and through a well-rounded computer system education. He funded his company by boot-strapping his way to success with only $3,000 to his name. He takes pride in educating curious customers and has a strong commitment to bring back the old-fashioned, traditional form of customer service; deliver more than you promise.